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Southern Counties Scrabble® League

CSW15 Update

As of 1st September Collins Scrabble Word List 2015 edition has become the currently approved authority for the ABSP.

The CSW15 list should now be used for all League matches unless BOTH teams agree to use CSW11.


Welcome to Southern Counties Scrabble League - an extensive network of keen scrabble players. If you are looking to get more actively involved in the game, perhaps taking the next step from playing with friends and family or have moved to the region and are looking for your local club, then take a closer look.



Playing scrabble is a great way to meet new people and challenge yourself. If you have a very competitive streak, take a look at the region’s rolling day-tournament schedule. If you’d just like to dip a toe in the water and find out about clubs in your area, you’ll find contact details and club times listed.  

To find out more about the league contact Ruth Marsden.

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